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Our most common tree work includes

Tree Felling

Tree Felling may be required for safety reasons or simply to allow more light into a garden. If a tree is dead, diseased or has been damaged beyond help, it can become extremely dangerous.
A tree that has suffered storm damage and cannot be saved using other pruning techniques, will have to be felled using the correct skills and equipment. If a tree is hung up or has fallen but is caught on a surrounding tree, it is a safety issue and it needs to be felled.
A trees proximity to buildings can also be problematic. Branches can become a nuisance and, at times, hazardous. In some cases, the tree roots can interfere with the buildings foundations, causing subsidence. Tree removal may not be required in all circumstances, but careful reduction and pruning can be of great benefit.
Using careful rigging techniques and equipment, we can remove your tree a section at a time. This allows us to prevent risk and reduce disturbance to surrounding buildings and property. Tree dismantling is ideal for small spaces, gardens or for trees adjacent to property. This technique is not always required and we may also able to straight fell in wide open areas when it’s safe and appropriate to do so.

Safe tree removal requires a survey of the site in order to establish the best method to fell the tree, avoiding damage to the surrounding areas. At Pullin Trees we have all of the equipment and expertise to remove your tree safely. We offer a site survey and quotation for the work involved, free of charge to all customers.

On completion of work, we can remove all of the timber and foliage from your property. We pride ourselves on our site clean-up. It is one of the things our customers most appreciate and frequently comment on. We always leave your land in a neat and tidy condition.