Our Services

Our most common tree work includes

Wood Chipping

Pullin Trees provide a neat and efficient on-site wood chipping service. We can process and remove all tree waste. The chips can be directed straight into our vehicle for tidy and efficient removal. It is all disposed of in an environmentally friendly way or more often put to good use.
If you prefer to keep the chip, we can leave it in a neat and tidy pile, ready for use at a later stage. Some suggestions for chip usage are:

  • Ground cover for garden paths or muddy garden areas
  • Garden mulch in flower beds and around trees (an effective and bio-degradable weed suppressor)
  • Children’s play areas (around garden swings and slides)
  • Animal/fowl paddocks and pens
  • Equestrian arenas

Logging and Splitting

All timber can be logged up and left in manageable lengths or removed from site at your request. If you want to keep the timber for use as fire wood, we offer log splitting services. Our portable log splitter allows us to deal with wood that is too tough for an axe easily creating firewood of suitable size for burning. There is nothing quite like a good wood fire on a wet Winters day.