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January 12, 2018

Storm Damage

We have been experiencing some pretty severe weather here in Ireland, over the past few years and it has certainly taken its toll on many of our trees.

We need to maintain trees well, keeping them in good condition, protecting them from storm damage. But in severe conditions they may still be affected. Storm damage to trees can be very dangerous and it is essential to properly assess and deal with the damage immediately.

Safety First!

Safety must always come first. If the tree has damaged power lines do not inspect the situation yourself. The power lines could be live and extremely dangerous. Contact your tree surgeon for an assessment immediately. If the storm has resulted in any large hanging limbs it is advisable to refer to a professional. Storm damage is unpredictable and loose branches can fall at any time.

Inspecting a Storm Damaged Tree

There are several danger signs to look for in your tree after a storm. Keeping a reasonable distance, walk around your tree and inspect for the following dangers:

  • Broken, hanging or split limbs
  • An uneven or broken canopy
  • Splits or cavities in the trunk
  • Decay in the trunk
  • An exposed root system or heaving soil at the tree base
  • Whole tree leaning
  • Uprooted or toppled tree

If your tree presents any of these danger signs it is advisable to seek a professional opinion as your tree may be hazardous. A tree surgeon can safely assess the damage done to the tree and determine if a tree removal is required. This is often not necessary and some skilled pruning may suffice.

Care of minor tn Branches

If the storm damage is minimal you may be able to prune small, broken branches yourself. Don’t try to prune larger limbs or work at a height. Pruning is necessary to prevent further damage. Pests can enter the tree through damaged openings and negatively affect the healing process.

Prune the broken branch back to the point where it meets a larger limb. If there are strips of bark protruding at the breaking point, remove the branch and smooth the wood with a saw.

  • Minor splits on branches

If the branch is not hanging or deformed it should heal by itself. Think of these as small paper cuts that will be better before you know it! If the split on a branch appears more like a gash, assess the limb it is attached to. If that branch is undamaged you may be able to smooth down the bark to aid repair. If the split is on a large limb or the tree trunk you will probably require a tree surgeon.

All consultations from Pullin Trees are free of charge!

So, no matter how minimal or severe the storm damage to your tree may be, it is worth getting an assessment to be on the safe side.


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